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14 Ways to Increase Enrollment on a Budget

14 Ways to Increase Enrollment on a Budget

If you are like many continuing education programs, you are usually fighting two things:

  • Increasing Enrollment
  • Decreasing Marketing Budget.

Check out these ways that can help you increase enrollment at your academic institution:


  1. Post your classes to social media groups that have the same type of student that enrolls in your school.
  2. Have a bring a friend for a trial class:  Offer a discount on the next class they register for just for bringing a friend!
  3. Contact your local paper and see if they will write a story about your organization and any special classes or stories about your students.  Writers are always looking for material!
  4. Send an email blast to your old students reminding them to re-enroll.
  5. Offer a new class this season that has a lot of popularity.
  6. Send an email to students who dropped out with incentives to re-enroll.
  7. Tell students that refer a friend they will get a $15. $25, $50 off coupon good for any class or product in your school.
  8.  Paper your area: schools, churches, synagogues, mommy and me classes, parks, rec centers, party or toy stores with fliers for your institution. Offer a free trial class.
  9. ABC: Always be selling! Wherever you go, make sure your friends and family know about your institution.
  10. Offer a discount special on your website and run an ad on Facebook linking back to your website.
  11.  Offer discounts for paying for classes in full upfront.
  12. Make your website your BEST selling feature with amazing design.
  13. Create awesome videos of your classes and post on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
  14. Make sure that online enrollment is easy!

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I am the CEO and chief cook and bottle washer of We Are Immediate: A web design and development agency that specializes in creating digital experiences for the world of education. That includes websites, enrollment systems, social media marketing and generally all things to grow enrollment. Founder of the latest enrollment product, Eventli, Lori's passion is to help all institutions experience enrollment growth. On a side note, Lori dances a mean Salsa and is a chocoholic.

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