Why We Are Different

If you need a new non-profit website, you have come to the right place. We are specialists in web design and have 15 years helping non-profits change their business!

How We Are Different

  • We listen to your needs
  • We actually look to deeply understand you and your organization
  • Complete custom design based on your requirements
  • Complete control and easy to content manage
  • The website can grow along with your organization

Every non-profit has different requirements. Some need to spread awareness about their programs, others want to increase volunteer/employee submissions, and most non-profits seek to increase donations. Our first step is to first deeply understand who you are, what your organization stands for, and what your marketing goals are. We also research what users think about your website and what they would like to improve. After we gather research and marketing requirements, we begin the process of designing and developing a website that’s tailored to your specific requirements. Of course, our expertise has taught us that there’s always more than meets the eye. For example, if you are looking to increase the donations you get, you can do more subtle efforts than just adding “Donate” buttons everywhere. Showing the positive impact your organization has in your area of work is an excellent way to prove to the client that their money actually helps.

There’s no proven formula that you can just repeat and repeat to ensure success when designing websites. Every step of the way has to be determined by what the client wants and needs, and that’s exactly what we offer; a COMPLETE custom design, for both the front end (what the public sees) and the back end (where you manage your website). The back-end design is always directed toward making it easy for you to easily manage everything once the website is live. If you have no desire of managing the website even after launch, we also offer the complete after-launch service!

Once the website is finished and ready for launch, we deliver a finished, yet flexible product. There’s always the ability to expand your website and add as many sections and pages as you may need in the future.

What We Offer

Specialized functions such as:

  • Donation Software: One of the main aspects of the very nature of non-profits is donations. Our websites are able to be integrated with any donation software that you may already be using, allowing the client to keep their way of working. If the website is completely new and the client has no experience with donation software, we are always happy to help set up new easy-to-use systems.
  • Event Registration Pages/Software: Another of our strongest easy-to-use points. Event registration software is a type of software used to manage event registration and ticketing processes. It allows event organizers to create and manage events, process payments, and track attendance.
  • Membership: Within our websites, we can set up a membership system that could allow users to different levels (with different prices) of access to the content (highest level users can access all the content, the lowest can only see a small portion).

Post-launch stage:

  • Security & Updates: Website security is a critical component of maintaining a safe and constant online presence. It involves protecting your website from malicious attacks, preventing data breaches and ensuring that the website remains available and running safely.
  • Website Expansion: It may include new or improved website content, design, navigation, and/or functionality. We use WordPress to build our websites, and it allows us (and you) to add as many new sections and pages as you need. The website can mimic the growth of your organization it may cause itself!
  • Training & Video Guidebook: During or after the process of building the website, your staff will be trained on how to manage every last little detail of the website. The training will include a complete video guidebook (one video for each page/feature) and a live video call to answer every single question the client may have.

Our Process

1. Interviews

These are the first meetings with the client. We aim to understand you, your organization, and your goals. The client’s requirements are defined during this stage.

2. Content Evaluation and Sitemaps

This step will define how the website will be structured and how the content will be organized and divided. The sitemaps are useful to illustrate this conversation in a more visual way.

3. Design Mockups

The first designs start to come to life, as a result of the brainstorming from the first 2 steps. You will review and evaluate our mockups.  After any changes are made, your non-profit web design is pixel-perfect (both mobile versions and desktop.)

4. Development

Our team of experts developers take the stage and start building the designs chosen by the client.

5. QA Testing

Our Quality Assurance team test every feature and section built by the developers to make sure everything works perfectly and the clients gets an impeccable product.

6. Content Migration

Along with your staff, our content migration team will begin to migrate and upload all the content you’ll need on the new website.

7. Final Client Approval

Your non-profit team will evaluate the entire website with all the content already uploaded and will approve or ask for changes.

8. Training

Our content team spends hours training you and your staff on using every page, section, and feature on your new website.  This includes live training and a video guidebook.

9. Launch

The most exciting time is when your new non-profit website is launched and presented to the world. Your website visitors will love your new experience.  Watch donations increase!

10. After-Launch Service

Hosting and Security: Every website must be updated with new technology as WordPress releases the new code.  We update the website monthly, which means you always have updated code. Additionally, with our private server, you can be sure that your website is safe and secure.