Are you looking for information on how to avoid non-profit web design mistakes? We got ya. We’ve put together this list of the main mistakes builders make when building a non-profit website.

In the vast internet dimension, flooded with adorable cat videos and unending memes, non-profit websites tend to find themselves in a particular predicament. As they aim at saving the world, their websites might end up looking like a mix of everything the internet has to offer. So, let’s sail together to the land of design clarity and find an explanation as to how and why complexity and questionable taste show their faces so regularly.

1. The Splash Page Dilemma

Prepare for a web welcome with a fullscreen image (often with almost aggressive colors), an “inspiring” quote, and a discreet and not easy-to-spot “Enter” button. Non-profits seem to adore these puzzling splash pages, making visitors wonder if they’ve stumbled into a motivational poster factory.

2. Scroll, scroll, and then more scrolling

Have you ever had the “pleasure” of running into a non-profit website that seemed to include infinite scrolling? You keep going, hoping to reach a conclusion, but it’s like a bottomless pit of content. Every section you find is Pandora’s box, as you’re never sure what you’ll find next: a moving story, a call-to-action, or a random picture? It’s like riding a content rollercoaster, in that you’re not sure if you’re having fun or just getting motion sickness.

3. The Donation Button Hunt

Funding the donation button on a non-profit website should be simple and direct, right? Well, think again! It often turns into an epic treasure hunt worthy of Indiana Jones himself. Brace yourself for a plethora of “Donate Now” buttons, each unlocking a unique page demanding your credit card info. It’s a daring game of chance, where you click, hold your breath, and pray you won’t accidentally donate your life savings to preserve a rare algae species. Let the adventure begin!

4. The Mind-boggling Sidebar

Non-profits simply adore showering you with information, and what better way than a jumbled sidebar? It’s a wild carnival of chaos where causes, events, and newsletters clamor for the spotlight. Attempting to navigate this hyperlink maze is like getting lost in an impenetrable forest without a GPS, compass, or even a trail of breadcrumbs. Best of luck finding your path back to sanity!

5. Stock Photos Everywhere

I’m willing to bet that you’ve seen some of those non-profit websites with an extraordinary infatuation with stock photos. Each page is adorned with an array of cheerful, ethnically diverse models with their t-shirts proudly sporting the non-profit’s logo, strategically positioned on their chests. It’s as if they hold a firm belief that the more stock photos they use, the closer they get to achieving world peace.


Even though non-profit organizations do amazing work in the real world, their websites do often become the battleground where simplicity and chaos wage an eternal war. From splash pages that make you question your own sanity to never-ending pools of information and donation buttons hunt, navigating these sites can be an adventure of its own. So, embrace the chaos, enjoy the rollercoaster ride, and remember that even in the depths of these non-profit web design mistakes, there’s always a glimmer of hope, buried beneath an avalanche of stock photos.