We understand just how vital your website is as a marketing tool. It’s like a window into your nonprofit’s world, showcasing your mission and inspiring potential donors. So, let’s ensure it captivates visitors by conveying your values, goals, and sharing impactful stories of past donations. Think of your nonprofit website as the grand entrance to your organization, where visitors form their first impressions and discover what you’re all about. Whether they stumbled upon you through a search or were lured in by a captivating social media post, we’re here to make your nonprofit website shine. Buckle up as we present our 11 essential elements and pages that will transform your website into a nonprofit powerhouse!

1 | Homepage

Ah, the homepage—a virtual handshake that sets the tone for your visitors’ experience. It’s the superhero of nonprofit web design, responsible for leaving a lasting and positive impression. Let’s ensure your homepage shines brighter than a supernova, captivating visitors and showcasing what makes your organization truly unique. Here, we’ll weave a tale about your organization’s impact, programs, and all the things you’re up to. With user-friendly navigation and crystal-clear information, your visitors will be taken on a seamless journey through your website. Trust us, your homepage is the beating heart of your nonprofit web design, the epicenter from which all other pages flow. Let’s make it the star of the show, capturing the essence of your organization and guiding visitors to their next exciting adventure.

Key elements you need to include on a non-profit homepage

  • High-quality top image or video that immediately draws the user’s attention.
  • Unleash the power of a concise and captivating mission statement that reveals your organization’s purpose and goals..
  • An overview of all the programs and services your organization offers.
  • Information about upcoming events, news, volunteer opportunities, and fundraising.
  • Clear access to your donation page. Make it easy for your visitors!
  • Impact Stories and Testimonials: featuring success stories from people who have benefited from your work.
  • A list of your sponsors and partners.
  • Call-to-actions to encourage visitors to take the next step in their user journey, whether it involves your newsletter, donations, or learning more about your organization.
  • A search bar or navigation menu for visitors to find the information they need.
  • Simple and direct ways for them to connect with you.

Examples of website homepages we love!

Education Writers Association
Morris Museum
Center for Creative Land Recycling

2 | Mission Statement

It is (or should be) a concise powerhouse that reveals the very essence of your organization. In the realm of nonprofit web design, it’s a guiding light, defining your purpose and fueling decision-making. Picture this: a mission statement that’s crystal-clear, inspiring, and as aspirational as conquering the Empire State Building. It should serve as a North Star, offering direction and focus for all members of your organization, transcending backgrounds and expertise. And here’s our secret sauce: we believe mission statements can shine and be featured in a captivating header image or a mesmerizing homepage video.

3 | About Us

Prepare for the enchanting “About Us” section, where the spotlight shines on your organization’s history, mission, values, and the brilliant minds behind it all. It’s the perfect chance to dazzle visitors, letting them step into your world and grasp your true essence. We weave About Us pages that act as gateways to captivating landing pages, unveiling the deeper layers of your nonprofit’s website. Trust and credibility are center stage here, as we showcase what sets you apart from the crowd.

Examples of non-profit about us pages we love!

Senior Services of South Eastern Virginia

4 | Stories & Impact

Now, let’s talk about the dynamic duo of nonprofit web design: Impact and Statistics pages. These powerhouses of persuasion show potential donors and sponsors that their hard-earned money is making a tangible impact. We’ll craft pages that showcase your organization’s track record of success, giving them the cold, hard facts that prove you’re the real deal.

Written case studies are much more detailed and include information such as the impact of your work, the goals achieved, the challenges faced, and the successes delivered. They serve as powerful visuals for potential donors, grant-makers, and other stakeholders to see the impact of your organization’s efforts.

5 | Donation Page

Create a captivating donation page that inspires potential donors. Incorporate a clear call to action, urgency, and demonstrate how their contributions create impact. Use visuals to illustrate the difference their donations make. Share impactful stories of those assisted or showcase the transformative power of their support. Provide secure and user-friendly payment options, optimize for mobile devices, and display a progress bar to track goal achievement. Finally, express gratitude on a thank you page, confirming donations and presenting further engagement opportunities. Let your donation page be a catalyst for meaningful change and donor connection.

Examples We Like


Let these 5 crucial pages for nonprofit web design set you on the path to success!