We picked these 10 non-profit website designs we love because of their visual appeal, they very subtly push visitors to dive deeper into what the organization has to offer, and they show the reasons to join, donate, or otherwise become involved, in a very clear and direct way. The content was organized effectively and easy to explore, search results were robust, and the users find exactly what they need and want. These websites inspire all users to join the organization’s efforts to positively impact the world, as well as to encourage potential donors, and people to join including volunteers and full-time employees.

Top non-profit website design includes these elements

  • They make it easy for users to find the content they need and want through the organization of their menus and navigation,
  • The transactional pages such as “Donate”, “Event Registration”, and “Memberships”, are very easy to find and use,
  • There can’t be any doubts about what you do and the impact your work has. Success stories, statistics, case studies, and similar elements have to be visible,
  • Search results that actually help you find information,
  • Detailed program pages that are easy to find and have all the information users will need,
  • Graphic design that captivates your eyes. You will see what we mean from our picks.

Most non-profit website designs should ideally appeal to an array of audiences. Your site has to make it easy for everyone to find the information they need, no matter the category. You should start with very detailed research and documentation to ensure your page will communicate to every group of people you are trying to reach.

This section is a non-exhaustive list of some of the best websites we found. Some are what we believe are additional top website designs, that inspire our designers and our clients.

Our picks for non-profit website designs we love! (in no particular order):